Splendid dress created in collaboration of The Coat and WONA concept brands

Among Ukrainian elite, spring has started with a magnificent event. Valeria Guzema, the owner of famous Ukrainian jewelry brand (Guzema Fine Jewelry) was celebrating her 30th Birthday on March 2nd in Kyiv. Valeria arranged her Birthday party as a dream-come-true fairy tale ball and invited all the members of Ukrainian beau monde. Since the birthday girl adores dancing, the evening was opened with her first dance with Eugene Kot. As appropriate for such occasions, guests kept the classic dress code of smart tuxedoes and exquisite ball gowns. Concerning the hostess of the evening, Valeria chose the splendid dress created in collaboration of The Coat and WONA Concept brands. The main dress of the party was created of white royal satin and decorated with massive black bow on the back. The minimalist silhouette of the gown emphasized the sophisticated taste of its owner with black satin gloves and neat accessories as the only complements to the outfit.

    That evening Valeria presented her new charity project - GUZEMA Foundation. Instead of birthday presents, all the guests were offered to donate first contributions to the fund. Valeria Guzema has created this charity fund to help children, who were deprived of parental care, children with serious illnesses and disabled children as well as to renovate the physical infrastructure of the children’s hospital in Chernihiv. According to Valeria, more than 535 000 UAH were collected and her expectations significantly exceeded. She thanked all the contributors and promised to develop her charity activity in nearest future.