Summer Wedding at Lord Thompson Manor

Could there be a more perfect place for a magic summer wedding than Lord Thompson Manor in Thompson, Connecticut? Today we have a beautiful story to tell – about super charismatic couple of Emily&Elijah getting married. These two absolutely adore one another, it shows through every single glance they give to one another and this charming touching atmosphere was felt through all the wedding and engagement. They had a stunning engagement shoot in the freezing cold at a frozen waterfall in the Hudson Valley, and on their wedding day they got a gorgeous warm day. We love love love when engagement shoots and weddings happen in the opposite seasons.

Emily was a total stunner in her Eva Lendel gown from Wona Bridal and Elijah was killed it with that hair and his blue suit from Men’s Wearhouse. The Melody dress by Eva Lendel is a classical wedding gown, which perfectly fitted to the royal manor wedding. Made of veiling and lace and decorated with beads it showed the image of pure femininity and solemnity. 

Emily&Elijah navigated getting married in 2020 with some serious GRACE and ease. Hear more about their wedding day, and getting married in the time of covid, from the newlywed themselves below.

If you had some advice for brides planning the wedding now, what would it be?

“Try not to go into your engagement with a stubborn, set plan of what you want, because it WILL change. I feel like when you actually sit down to find a venue and start planning, you find yourself changing what you thought you wanted probably your whole life. And that’s okay! One of the weird things about girls having the entire wedding dreamed up in their heads is that there’s a big thing missing – your fiancé! And I promise you, your actual wedding day will be even better than what you would have thought or dreamed of, because you’re there with your person.”


How/where did you meet?

“In a very non-wedding crashers way, we met at a funeral (to make a long story short). We hit it off, texted for about a day, and then did our own thing for a while. But a few months later, we reconnected and decided we should go on a date. A little wine and pasta and a lot of laughs later, the rest was history.

We always say that we’re each other’s silver lining.” <- we freaking love that

How did you both know you wanted to get married? Was there a particular moment? 

“After giving this one some thought, we both kind of agree there was no defining moment, just an overall feeling. I think we were just ready for that next step and taking those vows.”


How did he propose?

“After months of planning and coordinating a very romantic proposal, Emily found out she had to go on a last-minute work trip overseas the same time Eli’s proposal was supposed to take place – his plan suddenly needed a backup! At this point, Eli had told practically the entire world, and felt guilty keeping it from even Em! Emily had been bugging Eli to go on a hike for a while and it was a beautiful weekend, so Eli decided to just go with it and proposed at the top of Sleeping Giant in Hamden, CT. Friends met them at the top to pop champagne and take pics, and they finished the night where they had their first date.”

How long was your engagement and why?

“Less than a year – we were engaged in September and married the next August! We honestly fell in love with the venue and they had an opening in August so we snagged it! Even with this crazy year, it didn’t seem like we were rushing through planning at all.”


What were your favorite memories from the day? 

Em: “Leaving the church and the car ride back to Lord Thompson Manor because I had that feeling like “ah we did it”! It was a rare moment of just the two of us right after we did the damn thing, without all of the craziness of the day.”

Eli: “Getting to sit down at dinner and having a moment alone with Em. Other than that, I think the entrances and speeches were awesome.”

What advice do you have for other bride’s planning and/or getting married during the time of Covid?

Em: “My biggest piece of advice I have for bride’s planning and having weddings during this rollercoaster of a year is to not compare yourself to other people. There are 100 Facebook wedding planning groups that will tell you everything you’re doing is wrong. If it feels right to you and your fiancé, do the damn thing. I got so wrapped up in what everyone else was doing and fearing the judgement of other people that I let it stress me out when I could have put that time and energy to better use.”

Eli: “Find a venue that will actually work with you and have constant open communication so that on your special day everything is coordinated and you can enjoy every bit of it.”


Did your priorities change?

“I wouldn’t say priorities changed, but I would say COVID-19 definitely made us focus on the experience for our wedding guests more than ever. We truly are blessed to have been able to still have the wedding of our dreams despite it all though. Our venue and vendors as a whole, to be honest, were accommodating throughout this whole process, from calling us with updates every two weeks to helping us ensure guests were as safe and comfortable as possible.”

Where are you now? What are your future goals and dreams as a now married couple?

“As a newly married couple, we are figuring it all out in these strange times! The next step is to buy a house, travel, and just enjoy our fur babies Archer and Zara for a few years.”


Venue + Planner + Caterer + Florals : Lord Thompson Manor

Dress: Eva Lendel 

Dess Shop + Veil: Wona Bridal

Bride’s Shoes: Bella Belle

Hair + Make Up : Salon By Priscilla

Suit/Tux: Men’s Warehouse

Bridesmaids Dresses: Lulu’s 

Cake: On The Rise Baking

Instrumentals + Band: Hal Prince 

Stationery: Paradise Invitation 

Rings: Tacori 

Earrings + Jewelry: Nina

Watch: Citizen

Socks: Cole Haan

Videographer: Toast Weddings 

Neon Sign: Brite Lite Tribe