Not only a wedding one: 12 dresses that can be worn more than once

The last wedding season has brought significant changes to the classic idea of the wedding - new trends and features have appeared.

In particular, the expectations of newlyweds have changed to more practical. In fact, they have become concerned about the environmental issues and responsible consumption and are now thinking over their wedding details even more carefully.

In this selection we will show 12 dresses from the collections of WONA Concept and Eva Lendel, which you can wear not only on the wedding day, but also for other events.

Laconic wedding dress. The wedding season 2021 is characterized by a trend for micro-weddings, small celebrations in the circle of close relatives and friends. A restrained, minimalist dress made of light fabric will be ideal for such a ceremony. The Muse collection from WONA Concept presents examples of dresses which, with their simplicity, successfully emphasize the tenderness and elegance of the bride and will undoubtedly be able to become the basis of a wonderful evening look in the future.

Jumpsuit. More and more brides support the trend of replacing a wedding dress with a stylish jumpsuit, because they want to feel as free and practical as possible on this day. A jumpsuit is probably the most comfortable clothing for a bride, which can only be imagined, because it is perfect for running on a wedding photoshoot, lighting a party, or organizing a non-standard wedding concept: a tuple of motorcycles, or a ceremony on a football field. Jumpsuit is a universal item in a wardrobe, which opens up a number of new features to celebrate the wedding and will for sure be used for other events.

Midi length. A perfect version of a wedding dress that can be worn many times is a dress in a midi length. If you do not have a very large celebration, plan only a marriage registration, or look for a second outfit for the dance part, the dress of shortened length will be the most appropriate. Having chosen such a dress, you will make an emphasis on slender legs, exquisite shoes, and for contrast you can supplement the outfit by a long veil, adding a hint of solemnity.

Extravagant dress. If you still find wedding the too special day and want to emphasize exactly on the dress - we thought about you as well. The dress can be interesting, with an unusual fresh design and extravagant decoration and at the same time not only a wedding one. Here your imagination has no limits, because you should not forget that you can order a wedding dress according your own sketch.

Dress in linen style. Although dresses in a linen style can be attributed to the category of laconic ones, we still decided to highlight them separately, because they haven't lost popularity among the brides for several seasons in a row. Lightweight, pleasant to the body and as natural as possible and this is not the entire list of advantages. Moreover, a dress in a linen style can become a universal element of a daily wardrobe, easily combined with, for example, an oversized jacket and massive boots.