WONÁ is a Ukrainian bridal and luxury fashion label. WONÁ, in Ukrainian, means “she.” The name emphasizes the brand’s commitment to its clients–women–who are also the inspiration for the dresses. WONÁ believes that women are truly muses and aims to create dresses that embody their most intimate and extravagant desires. Through finding the perfect dress, women can reveal their unique beauty. WONÁ strives to exceed the expectations of brides and elegant women worldwide. As a result, WONÁ is increasingly capturing the hearts of brides through their successful design of dresses that help women highlight their unique personality and taste on their special day.

The company operates in a business-to-business model in Europe, Asia, and North America. Sales are targeted at distribution companies with dealer networks that include the best wedding boutiques in their area. The dealers that WONÁ currently targets are selective with the brands they stock and are located mainly in major metropolitan areas and fashion capitals such as London and New York.

The dresses are also created with the best interests of the end client in mind. WONÁ’s end client is a self-confident woman aged 20-35 who is aware of her uniqueness and wants to emphasize it. The WONÁ woman loves a luxurious lifestyle and would never be associated with a cliché. She is uncompromisingly flawless, aware of current fashion trends, and would only wear the best quality dresses.

Current Collection: WONÁ currently releases four collections annually.

WONÁ Couture is a collection that unites dreams and design. The collection includes dresses of a large variety of lace and decor. WONÁ White only uses fabrics from the world's best manufacturers, and the dresses are complete works of art.

WONÁ White collection contains stand out pieces that combine classic patterns and bold styling with a variety of lace and decor. These dresses are luxurious, sophisticated, and unique–while remaining practical to wear.

WONÁ Evening is incredibly colorful and entirely handmade using only the best fabrics. These dresses will light up a red carpet at any event from movie premier to debutante ball.

The WONÁ Cruise Collection is made of light fabrics and delicate lace. These dresses are luxurious, provocative, and have bold shapes for bold women.

Brand Values: WONÁ believes you must love life and the work you do. WONÁ is committed to understanding the unique psychological abilities of women: the ability to empathize and the desire to make others happy. WONÁ identifies these two qualities as the basis of any work–especially creative. WONÁ is dedicated to monitoring current fashion trends, analyzing their progression, and applying them to their designs. WONÁ rejects templates, copies, and routine. WONÁ offers the highest level of customer service and always strives to exceed customer expectations.