Welcome to WONA NYC! We are pleased to offer all of our brides a truly personalized, 5-star experience in our beautiful showroom. We look forward to welcoming you in and helping you find the one at WONÁ!

  • Our standard appointments typically allow for 1 hour fittings.
  • Bring your friends and family along! You can bring up to 4 guests with you.
  • Be yourself and enjoy the experience. Your consultant will be there to make you feel comfortable and heard. She will guide you through your appointment and ultimately lead you to finding your perfect gown for your special day.

We are so excited to welcome you to our boutique.

With love,

Can I customize my WONÁ gown?

Of course! We would love to help you create a one-of-a-kind dress. Tell us your wishes and ideas and we’ll bring them to life.

Are alterations and customizations included in the price?

Alterations and customizations are not included in the price of the dress. These are separate costs based on the adjustments necessary to achieve your desired look and fit.

Can I come in without an appointment?

Each fitting is by appointment only. Unfortunately, we do not take walk-ins. Please book your appointment with us in advance!

Complimentary Veil
Receive a Complimentary Veil with Every Gown Purchase this May!

Get Ready for Your Dream Wedding with WONA!

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*selected types of veils
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