Elegant evening gowns for every taste

When it comes time to look for evening gowns, it is a long and expected process of spending time and determining which perfect dress to wear, especially if it concerns an evening one to match a dress code requirements. You should not always keep yourself in shape and take care of your figure so that the body looks harmonious. You just need to find the perfect choice for yourself.

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When it's the right occasion to wear the evening dress?

Everyone chooses a formal dress very individually because they want to look their best and brightest to stand out from all the surroundings. Evening dresses and ball gowns are primarily worn for special occasions like formal events, so long and glamorous formal dresses are usually used.

Various occasions that would require wearing stunning evening dresses can be

  • formal dinners
  • opera and theater premieres
  • formal dances
  • evening wedding receptions
  • charity balls
  • award ceremonies
  • etc.

Our designer evening dresses by details: find your favorite

Designer evening dresses are clothes that can be worn to parties and accessorized. Typical materials for making designer evening dresses are necks, satin fabrics, various types of knitwear, and velvet.

They can take many forms, from long dresses to mini dresses. Usually, such dresses have decorative details, such as sparkling crystals, jewelry, and other decorations.

To choose your favorite designer dress, you should pay attention to the model, cut, fabric, and color. It is necessary to take into account the figure, the summer or winter season, and the moral principle of your style. Also, look at the color mantle row and combination.

Nevertheless, the three major factors we pay attention to are the following.


Evening dresses are typically floor length that falls just above the ankle, mid-length that falls just below the calf, and knee length that falls just above the knee. That's why it's important to choose the ideal length that suits your personality and taste.


Evening gowns are usually long and made of light materials such as silk or satin. They can have frills, glittering accents, or other decorative elements. Evening dresses are often casual, but you can find formal dresses that are suitable for more formal occasions.

Therefore, the silhouette plays an important role and affects the fact that some details of the figure or legs can be hidden from the environment. All beautiful women will look stunning without exception. If you need to visually increase height and add slimness, vertical lines will help. If you are the owner of beautiful hips and you need to add breast volume for balance, then jewelry in the décolleté area will help you with this. Dresses with pleats at the waist will also help you look slimmer and balance the top and bottom only if you apply the waistline naturally.


When choosing a dress, it is necessary to take into account the combination of colors. The dress should not be too plain. If you choose the right color of the dress, it can emphasize well enough, as well as highlight all the advantages of the figure. It is necessary to choose the color of the dress so that it is perfectly combined with the color of the hair, eyes, and skin of the face.

Brunettes with dark eyes and a pale complexion will be more suited to a dress in light colors, but they will also look beautiful in saturated colors.  But you should not choose dresses of dark colors and cold shades, as this can emphasize the paleness of your face. And if you have dark skin and brown or green eyes, you should know that black dresses will suit you perfectly. For blondes with green or blue eyes, it is necessary to choose dresses of fresh and soft colors. And if the skin is dark, then you can safely choose any blue and green colors. But you should avoid chocolate tones because they can inappropriately emphasize dark skin. But if the eyes are blue, green, or gray, and the skin of the face has a healthy blush, then these girls have a wide range of colors. Both dark and light tones, as well as saturated bright colors, will look good on them. Products of deep emerald color will look perfect on red-haired beauties. A plum model will emphasize femininity, clothes in dark yellow colors will add warmth to the image, and deep chocolate will show the bright beauty of the hair.

Formal evening dresses in our collection will make you look chic

The woman and the dress are very harmoniously combined into one whole. A chic look will be given by a v-shaped expression that will make the middle length, and sleeves or straps will make you chicer. Showing off the shoulder and/or neckline and collarbones, the straight cut will allow you to demonstrate all this without using straps.

Therefore, the ideal option is the one that you will like and will be more comfortable and bright, not just to follow the latest trends, but the one in which you will confidently shine at this or that formal event. The team at WONA bridal in NYC is always happy to help you choose the perfect evening gown to make you shine bright at any special event.

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