Micro-wedding - a real trend of 2021

    The wedding season 2020 took place under the quarantine restrictions, changing significantly the classic idea of ​​celebrating the most important day in life. Among the ceremonies there appeared a trend for micro-weddings - small parties, usually for 50 or less guests. Conciseness, tenderness and naturalness became trendy again: many celebrations took place in the open space, laconic elements prevailed in the decor and flowers were woven into the bride's hair. Micro-weddings have become a great opportunity for a truly heartfelt celebration, which is shared with the bride and groom only by the closest guests. The same motives have been observed in the choice of that one and only dress. The brides preferred minimalism and comfort, so that the wedding dress became a symbol of beauty in simplicity.

The same trends are expected to prevail in wedding fashion in the next season. That is why, the new collection by Eva Lendel called Less is More 2021 presents many models with laconic styles, among which the perfect dress can be chosen for every taste. Today we will try to imagine, how you can organize a fancy and cozy micro-wedding 2021 with the perfect laconic dress.

Sia gown combines luxury and seduction with conciseness and simplicity. A light and weightless dress in lingerie style with open neckline will emphasize the elegance of the figure, and a small train will add a light charm. The dress is made of light satin, which folds gently into deep necklines on the chest and back. Embodying the motives of tenderness, youth and pristine beauty, Sia dress will be a great option for the spring ceremony. Among the flowering trees, in the circle of family and friends - such a wedding party can be held just in the back yard of your own home! Prepare your favorite dishes, decorate the room with garlands and flowers and remember this day truly homey. If you are frightened by the mundaneness of such a celebration, a good option would be to rent the terrace of your favorite restaurant or country hotel, creating both cozy and special atmosphere.

     Daniel model is designed for a seductive and daring bride, being extremely minimalist at first glance, but only at first. Daniel consists of a basic sheath dress of fitted silhouette with sweetheart neckline and thin straps, and a shiny translucent cape. The dress itself is decorated with numerous small sequins along the entire length with a small train and a deep seductive neckline on the back. A weightless cape, made of the same shiny transparent fabric, is attached to the neck and gives this dress an interesting feature, complicating the laconic design. The ceremony can be organized with the same vibe. How about a small banquet by the sea, or a picnic near the lake? Just imagine, the sound of the waves will be the accompaniment of your celebration, the bride's hair and dress will be blown away by a light breeze, and dancing barefoot on sand will make the evening truly unforgettable.

     Dimilia gown will be ideal for the concept of a micro-wedding with a hint of luxury. This dress is characterized by laconic design and lack of bright details. Dimilia is made of shiny fabric, decorated with long sleeves and a lush A-line skirt. An elegant neckline, slightly lowered off the shoulders, seductively exposes the back of the bride. The girl who chooses this dress to celebrate her wedding will feel like a real queen, looking laconic but tasteful. Such a dress is a perfect opportunity to remember, that wedding is one of the main events in life, a day when you can afford a little moreluxury, because a micro-wedding is not always a reason to save. Exquisite Italian-style ceremony, an old white stone villa, luxurious bouquets of white roses and crystal ware - it seems like Dimilia was created for such a day.

     Rena model immediately impresses with its restraint and elegant design. Made of delicate satin, embellished with a lush skirt that turns into a luxurious long train, closed neckline and three-quarter-length sleeves, this dress is the embodiment of exquisite taste. The back of the dress is decorated with an asymmetrical neckline and small buttons, which also can be found on the sleeves. The bride's waist is accentuated by a thin elegant strap with an emphasis on a small bow in the center. Rena dress is undoubtedly distinguished by its laconic design, and even so, absolutely all eyes will be fixed on it. This dress will be an ideal option to embody another trend in modern wedding fashion - ceremonies in dark shades. The concept of a wedding in dark colors is rapidly gaining popularity and is suitable only for really bold couples with refined taste. Without any doubt, the bride in a snow-white dress against the background of the dark decoration of the holiday will definitely be the center of attention on her special day!

     The incredible Jess model impresses with its luxurious simplicity at first sight. The sheath dress of a fitted silhouette made of shiny material will emphasize the graceful figure of its owner, and the additional skirt, which is attached to the waist and ends with an incredible train, will give exquisite splendor and diversify the dress with shape and volume. The neckline and shoulders are embellishedwith a lowered cape, which continues on the back, and the waist is distinguished by a delicate belt. The concept of a Scandinavian wedding will be ideal for such a dress. Wood, greenery and natural materials in the interior, comfort in detail, simplicity in colors, and maybe even a white party dress code - Jess gown will suit all your boldest experiments!

     Since the trend for micro-weddings remains with us for at least another year, future brides have a great opportunity to organize their special day with their closest ones. A micro-ceremony makes it possible to embody more creative ideas than a regular wedding with a crowd of guests. Have a photoshoot high in the mountains, dinner on a yacht, a picnic party in the field, dancing to incendiary Spanish music - make this day truly unforgettable!