Plus size wedding gowns

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Dresses of large sizes are an integral part of choosing a dress for yourself. Highlighting the attractive ovals of a lush figure usually requires individual tailoring.

Plus size wedding dresses for a curvy figure

Plus-size wedding gowns are made of tulle, which does not constrain the movements of the bride, and easily outlines the equal parts of a natural silhouette of the body type. If the bride has a classic “hourglass” figure and wants to emphasize the lush volumes of the hips and bust, the dress will be sewn according to individual measurements. The range of choices is wide to spice up your special day with sheer elegance.

Bridal gowns for full figure: all details

There are many styles and perfect mix that you can choose and select for yourself that are more beautiful, flattering, comfortable, and has a rather chic look.

The Greek style is a style that hides flaws and shows the advantages of curves.

Lace bridal dresses are a real eye-catcher and are a timeless classic, so they make up for imperfections.

Lace dresses with an asymmetric vertical pattern help elevate the silhouette, and the sexy back cut will add an even more beautiful look.

An A-silhouette dress for a wedding will help you not to be ashamed of your waist and show off your figure.

There is a corset or semi-corset that tightens the waist and adds splendor to the breasts.

The so-called mermaid dress will help not to be ashamed of the curves if it is more or less proportional to them, and a strict corset will help emphasize the waist. In this case, it all depends on you how much you are ready to emphasize the hips and curves because the lower the extension of the dress, the more attention will be paid to the bottom.

If you want to look chic and memorable on a big day, you need to add more bright, beautiful details to plus-size bridal gowns.

Wona will help you make your big day look luxurious with stunning plus-size wedding gowns

A wedding day is something that everyone looks forward to. Your perfect and completely unique look is an integral part of the joy and happiness this special day brings.

Therefore, the choice of dresses is important, so we have a plus-size wedding dress collection to offer and provide design services so that the dress fits attractively.

Be sure to choose our charming dresses for a minimum period of time and understand your ideas, and you will see that this particular option or idea will suit you and beautify you in a special moment of contentment and delight.

FAQ about plus-size wedding gowns

Are curvy and plus size the same thing?

When the dress is plus size, it is not necessarily curvy. So, they are not the same thing. It is all about body dimensions and personal preferences. When body sizes do not have many differences between bust, hip, and waist measurements, they are regarded as curvy, no matter if they fit size bridal gowns 2 or 20.

What is the size range of plus-size wedding dresses?

The most common plus-size wedding gown is 32. The average range goes from size 18 to 40.

The best for plus-size: what dresses should a curvaceous bride try on?

The best designs are chosen by taking into account measurements from your figure and from the things that best fit you in size. But the most important is a personal preference. Someone prefers slightly looser silhouettes, while others may prefer tight-fitting silhouettes.

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