Vintage style wedding dresses

  • Eva Lendel Mensia
  • WONA Bosco
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    WONA Caffa
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    WONA Couture Rosemary
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    Eva Lendel Nicola
  • WONA Couture Natella
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    Eva Lendel Valentina
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    Eva Lendel Tati
  • Eva Lendel Alessia
  • WONA Couture Priscilla
  • WONA Azure
  • WONA Couture Coco

You may well get some inspiration for a change. We have designed the gowns to suit 1920s style lovers, passionate about rockabilly brides, and women who are willing to be different and unique. We strive to meet the needs of each bride by offering vintage-style plus-size bridal dresses.

Choose elegance for a wedding look – wear the vintage wedding dress

Vintage-style wedding dresses have become an option to personalize your wedding party. It is your chance to go decades into the past at the same time staying fashion-forward with our professional mix of fabric, forms, color, and timeless splendor. Do not be afraid because we believe that on such a special occasion, there is no room for doubt to implement something you are truly passionate about.

Rustic and vintage wedding themes: what is the difference?

Some may wonder about the difference between old-style wedding dresses. Considering rustic and vintage themes, there are a couple of distinguishing features we should not forget about. They might clarify the subject for a modern bride choosing a wedding style.

A rustic wedding is full of natural elements. You may find there wood, burlap, lace, etc. To speak about the decorations and a place to hold the ceremony, it is usually organized in a barn with lots of natural elements. Opposed to rustic, vintage wedding themes are characterized by burgundy tones or emerald green colors. Combined with modern vintage plates, it creates an atmosphere of elevated mood and luxurious, timeless fashion trends.

Will vintage-style wedding dresses look good on curvaceous brides?

That is not even a question! Vintage-style wedding dresses can look stunning on curvaceous brides and any bride-to-be. The point of vintage glamour is to find that perfect dress that highlights your best features and makes you feel confident and beautiful on your big day in such a vintage look.

Vintage-inspired wedding dress in the Wona collection

No doubt, pure elegance is something to wait for when you wear Wona vintage wedding gown from our collection. Even more, if you are a big fan of old movies, and some of the mesmerizing movie stars are your role models, this is one more reason to consider opting for vintage glamour

There is no limit to your imagination. You are advised to choose from a variety of retro elements such as a nice lace overlay, beautiful sleeves, either long or short, and a jazz-age-inspired train. In addition, classic ball gowns emphasize feminine curves, having stylish features reminiscent of the golden 1950s. Exquisite and intricate formats, dresses decorated with tulle, lace, and rhinestones are something of a miracle, especially if you want a memorable wedding day. Our vintage collection drives fashion forward while preserving decades-past styles.

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