Wedding Fashion 2022: the Main Trends

The pandemic has dramatically affected the form of wedding fashion. Now it is all about virtualization, small parties with loved ones, convenient fashion, and versatility. As a result, we have distinguished 7 main wedding trends for the new season.


Minimalism, which was popular before the pandemic, has only taken hold. The modern bride easily gives up on traditions and is looking for a comfortable outfit that will demonstrate her vision of style and in which she can dance and have fun all night. Cut with clean sculptural lines, the gorgeous texture of the fabric, lack of splendid decor, deep neckline, and drapery — in those dresses everything is always neat, practical, and appropriate for years.

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Feathers were popular in past seasons, and a tendency of its usage has confidently migrated to 2022. Those who have been forced to postpone grandiose wedding ceremonies are finally able to recoup it. And dresses lavishly decorated with feathers can be a perfect choice for a fabulous celebration.

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Short Gowns and Wedding Suits

For brides who do not see themselves in classic wedding dresses, designers offer many variations of short dresses or suits with an oversized blazer. Stylish, bold, and unusual.

Wedding fashion 2022 trends 03


A luxurious dress with a floral motif has become an odds-on favorite of this season. Many gowns with embroidery, three-dimensional floral applications, and prints were presented in WONÁ Concept and Eva Lendel 2022 collections. Those dresses are about femininity, sophistication, and elegance.

Wedding fashion 2022 trends 04

Emphasis on the Sleeves

Long or short, made of translucent or smooth fabric, with appliques or embroidery, ruffles or asymmetrical hemlines — sleeves can make a wedding look elegant and at the same time unconventional. Special attention should be paid to the dresses with lush sleeves from the Regency era and gowns in which the texture of the sleeves differs from the main material of the dress.

Wedding fashion 2022 trends 05

A Deep Neckline

A seductive V-neckline is another hot trend that can be found in almost all collections by WONÁ Concept and Eva Lendel. A choice to bare neck, collarbones, and effectively emphasize breasts definitely characterize the bride as a confident one.

Wedding fashion 2022 trends 06

A High Cut

A high cut makes the bridal look seductive and emphasizes long legs. A wedding gown with a cut is an alternative for brides who do not want to look too eccentric or underline their figure.

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